Maximize Security-Team Performance

EXPAND VISIBILITY Machine learning ensures that the analytics platform, built on big-data architecture, can pinpoint even seemingly invisible threats.

ELIMINATE ALERT FATIGUE Threats are analyzed multidimensionally (by users, files, devices), then ranked. This yields swift results, without false positives.

ACCELERATE RESPONSE Security teams work off a list of prioritized, validated threats to efficiently mitigate enterprise risks.

Transform Threat Detection

The more data you give Interset’s analytics platform, the smarter it gets. Persistent, morphing, elusive threats such as malware infiltrations and inside jobs simply cannot hide.

Centralize Security

Interset can integrate with your currently investments, such as SIEM systems and endpoint detectors. This strengthens your security team by analyzing countless data sources to swiftly qualify threat leads.

Prioritize the Risks That Matter

See how Interset can strengthen your security team through quick, accurate threat detection

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