Endpoint Threat Detection Interset Reveals More with Behavioral Analytics - Malware, Compromised Account, Lateral Movement, Bot, Data Staging, Internal Recon, Data Exfiltration, Account Misuse, Fileless Malware
The flood of alerts and events generated by endpoint protection systems hide the endpoint threats that matter. Extract the signal from the noise with Interset behavioral analytics.

Interset Makes Endpoint Software Smarter

Interset analytics augments endpoint security to reveal the threats hidden in billions of endpoint events and alerts to uncover threats such as compromised account, account misuse, lateral movement, data staging, data exfiltration, and low and slow attacks

Reveal Hidden Threats in Your Endpoints

Endpoint data protection is a critical component of an enterprise defense strategy but traditionally relies on binary “good” or”bad” approaches that are not well-suited to the speed and scale of the modern, digitally connected world. Security analytics augments an endpoint protection platform with an analytical brain that processes data faster than humanly possible to detect hidden threats. The endpoint solution is augmented and additional threats are revealed from the rich endpoint data.

Find the Holes in Your Endpoint Security

Augmenting your endpoint protection platform with behavioral analytics improves risk visibility. Manual procedures leveraging rules- and thresholds-based solutions leave holes in your defense posture. Machine learning for endpoints typically utilizes supervised machine learning well-suited for malware detection but not ideal for revealing insider threats. Analyzing endpoint data with unsupervised machine learning connects the dots of inside(r) threats and exposes the signs of a compromised account, account misuse, lateral movement, data staging, data exfiltration and low and slow attacks often missed by traditional endpoint solutions.

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Increase Endpoint Visibility

Empower security teams by giving them greater visibility into endpoint system behaviors to accurately detects sign of more than just malware, but also compromised accounts, data exfiltration, lateral movement, data staging, internal recon, and account misuse. With Interset’s 400+ machine learning models, your endpoint protection becomes smarter with big-data-enabled machine learning and AI.

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Transform Endpoint Threat Detection

The rules- and thresholds-based approach of most endpoint protection platforms produces an overwhelming flood of data that cannot be effectively processed for threats.  However, an endpoint protection platform augmented with Interset’s analytics platform results in meaningful list of endpoint threats. Persistent, evolving, elusive threats, such as malware infiltrations and insider threats, simply cannot hide. Interset extracts the signal from the noise by applying supervised and unsupervised machine learning to reveal threats hidden in the vast volumes of endpoint data.

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Uncover Hidden Threats

The approach of most endpoint solutions rely on historical data to detect incoming threats. If a threat hasn’t been seen before, neither a manual or automated machine-learning-enabled response is possible. For example, traditional malware attacks are carried out by malicious software installed on the target machine. With ‘fileless’ malware, tools that are built-in to the host machine are used to carry out attacks. Since there is no software installed, it is very difficult for traditional signature-based defenses to detect that a breach is in progress, ultimately leading to significant time before the breach is discovered.

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The Evolution of Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection platforms are a critical component of ongoing defense, but the ability to process and analyze the volume of incoming endpoint data for hidden threats is critical as human teams can no longer rely on manual rules and threshold approaches. Integrated user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) powered by unsupervised machine learning must be integrated with existing endpoint protection platforms to surface the threats undetectable by other approaches.

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